CombiFuel® offers many advantages to its users. In addition to the realization of ecological effects, there are financial benefits as well. Depending on kilometers driven, these benefits multiply and ensure a very short payback period for the customer.

In concrete terms, a number of advantages are given:

• Reduction of fuel costs
In comparison to diesel and petrol, LPG is much cheaper. Depending on the country, there are price differences of up to 50%. In addition, LPG is given preferential tax treatment in most countries of the world due to its ecological advantages. With the fuel consumption of CombiFuel® system remaining almost the same, this results in a considerable cost saving per kilometer driven.

• Reduction of road taxes
Most countries offer environmentally friendly vehicles a reduction in the road tax payable. CombiFuel® vehicles will benefit from tax savings through better environmental footprint.

• Reduction insurance payments
Many insurance companies reward environmentally friendly drives with a reduction in insurance premiums. Savings of up to 20% are often given in the market.

• Avoidance of CO2 penalty taxes
Many countries, including Switzerland since 01.07.2012, have imposed an environmental tax on importers. Such tax needs to be paid when emissions of imported vehicles exceed a threshold of 130g CO2 / km on average. This value will be reduced to 95g CO2 / km by 2020.

When calculating the CO2 tax, a penalty will be charged per gram exceeded. This reaches in certain cases very quickly a higher five-digit amount.

Calculate CO2 levy yourself using the example of a Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.2l V8: Curb weight of 2.531kg and CO2 emission of 385g / km.

• Depreciation leads to tax reduction
Typically, installation costs can be amortized within a period of 5 years and therefore reduce the annual profit, which leads to a corresponding reduction in profit taxes.

• Reduction of the performance-related heavy vehicle charge (LSVA)
All vehicles which have a gross vehicle weight of above 3.5 t and serve the transport of goods must pay LSVA tax in Switzerland.

This is calculated as a function of total weight, emission level and kilometers traveled as follows: LSVA tax rates

With the installation of CombiFuel®, the emission rating according to the EU standard of Euro 3/4 could easily be raised to Euro 6.

• Investment protection and lowering TCO
In summary, it can be stated that the use of CombiFuel® can sustainably secure existing investments in vehicles. The management of the vehicle fleet results in significant reductions in the total cost of ownership (TCO).

• Warranty
CombiFuel® will be delivered with a full warranty. The standard warranty of 2 years can be tailored to the needs of the customer and the type of vehicle.