Promising opportunities for CombiFuel®

In order to achieve the climate targets, CO₂ emissions from transport must be reduced by 50% worldwide over the next four decades, and by at least 85% in the industrialised countries. Even if all cars one day drive purely electrically: airplanes, ships and even trucks will continue to be powered predominantly by one fuel. CO₂-neutral internal combustion engines powered by synthetic fuels are therefore a promising further path – also in cars.

If we succeed in combining CombiFuel® technology with these clean fuels, this could mean perfecting our system. CombiFuel Swiss AG is currently experimenting heavily with this new biofuel. To this end, we are seeking collaboration with leading experts at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. All those involved see extremely great potential in the combination of the two technologies and are working flat out to exploit this unique opportunity to achieve a breakthrough towards a truly CO₂ neutral combustion engine. We will keep you up to date.

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