How it works – better throttle response and driving dynamics:

The CFS Racepower Kick is installed in the vehicle interior between the accelerator pedal sensor and the engine control unit. The signals from the accelerator pedal sensor are amplified, allowing you to optimize the throttle response time of your engine. The module is available for all vehicles with electronic accelerator pedal – no matter if turbo or naturally aspirated engine, compressor, electric or hybrid drive.



Road approval:

Any form of gas pedal optimization must be type-tested and approved for road traffic. Compliance with the technical limit must be proven and confirmed by a declaration of conformity. We at CombiFuel Swiss AG (, have the necessary approval and declaration of conformity for the gas pedal optimization offered herewith.


Installation instructions – in a few steps:


1. Disconnect the plug connection from the original plug adapter at the accelerator pedal

2. Connect the supplied cable of RacePower Kick with this original plug adapter

3. Connect the RacePower Kick box to the supplied cable

4. Ready! Have fun with the RacePower Kick