Our warranty promise

With CFS Racepower, you can enjoy increased performance within manufacturer tolerances without restriction or hesitation. In addition, you receive a warranty of 2 years or 100’000 km on the engine, transmission and drivetrain. All relevant engine protection functions of the vehicle manufacturer remain fully intact. In addition, nothing is adapted or changed on the original control unit of the manufacturer.


Engine warranty for maximum safety

Our engine warranty is valid even if your manufacturer warranty has expired. CFS Racepower offers you performance enhancement and gas pedal optimization of the best quality and highest safety. That is why we offer you a comprehensive warranty. It applies to all relevant engine components, from the drive shaft to the transmission to the turbocharger. The engine warranty is valid for 2 years or 100’000 km.


Safe chip tuning through manufacturer reserves

Vehicle manufacturers develop their engines nowadays to such an extent that a wide range of performance can easily be achieved on the basis of the same engine, which is then sold in the form of different engine versions. For this reason, modern engines often have unused power reserves in their standard state.

With our add-on control unit, we increase these unused power reserves within the vehicle manufacturer’s tolerances. This has the advantage that the manufacturer’s engine protection functions are fully retained.


Motor protection function remains intact

No change to manufacturer’s hardware & software. Compared to other forms of electronic performance optimization, such as the reprogramming of the engine control unit installed by the manufacturer, the add-on control units from CFS Racepower have a decisive advantage: Hardware & software of the vehicle manufacturer are not changed, thus all engine protection systems or emergency running characteristics of the manufacturer remain fully intact and the engine is just as safe as in the standard condition.