Our new product line CF-EV (CombiFuel electric vehicles) offers you modern, compact and energy-saving electric vehicles. The electric vehicles are specially designed for local transport and logistics solutions in the city and agglomeration, and their design offers a perfect combination of comfort and efficiency.

Our EVs are ideal for private and commercial customers looking for a reliable, simple, fashionable and environmentally friendly vehicle at a good price-performance ratio.


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There is a wide range of possible applications:

  • Cities & municipalities
  • Public sector
  • Recreation and outdoor
  • Facility Management
  • Fairgrounds
  • Post Office
  • Hotel and sports facilities
  • Food and beverage stores,
  • Delivery services and restaurants
  • Forestry and agriculture


Our range of services for all CF-EVs:

  • CF-EV Warranty (3 years / 30’000 km / extendable up to 5 years / 50’000 km)
  • COC compliant
  • Road approval
  • Order on request
  • All in one customer service



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