The problem

Alternatives to the classic combustion engines are more in demand than ever before. Hardly a day goes by without the threat of driving bans being reported in the media. Although the problems have been known a long time, real alternatives for all needs are not in reach. It needs a solution that is capable to solve a multitude of problems from an environmental and economic point of view.

Our Approach – The Solution

With CombiFuel® we deliver THE solution for the mass market. A technical innovation for second-hand and new vehicles with combustion engines. Universally applicable, from the smallest vehicle to a truck, from the generator to a ship’s engine. The cost-effective retrofit solution sets ecological standards and protects the wallet. Thanks to an emission reduction of up to 80% and a reduction in fuel costs of up to 40%, CombiFuel® will in future be the ideal investment for fleets and commercial vehicles. The product will be available exclusively in CombiFuel® stores. For this purpose, we have created an extremely attractive concept, which is interesting for both the technical requirements as well as financially for any established workshop operation.


At CombiFuel Swiss AG, innovative spirit is paired with decades of experience. Our engineers are true specialists in their field. They have a portfolio of know-how ranging from engine and injection technology to electronics, control technology and mechanical engineering. We work exclusively with suppliers who work according to the most modern standards in the automotive sector. Only in this way we will be able to produce this unique product. Together with our partners, we ensure that every CombiFuel® unit sets new standards in quality.

Core message

We at CombiFuel Swiss AG have oriented our daily work continuously to the needs of our target groups. Maximum compatibility, high performance, durable components and easy installation are our core values in development, production, distribution and installation of the system. Our entire value chain is designed to meet the latest ISO standards. In this way, we ensure an optimal and high-quality supply, in which every customer experiences the highest possible level of satisfaction in terms of quality and user-friendliness with CombiFuel®.