The product

The CombiFuel® is an innovative and environmentally friendly liquid gas system. «CombiFuel®» is a newly de­ve­loped drive system that runs on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), it has the potential to leave a unique ecological and economic footprint. The plug-in tech­nology was designed to be univer­sally applicable to most combustion engines. The CombiFuel® drive system is an outstanding innovation and is currently the most technologically advanced.

CombiFuel® – breaks rules in a UNIQUE way

Here are just a few unique selling points:

• A condensing boiler module detects the liquid gas mixing ratio e.g. (propane / butane); unique in the world.
• The CFS control unit is OBD-compatible.
• The CFS control unit works adaptively.
• Plug and Play system, thanks to the self-developed wiring harness and com­po­nent holder.
• LAB 68 Fluid optionally integrated to protect the valve seat inserts.
• Evaporator / pressure regulator TYPE 1 can be used up to an engine output of 750 HP.
• And much more …

CombiFuel® can be used universally for all petrol engines as well as for all diesel engines. In other words, from the smallest vehicle to the 40-ton truck. Thanks to a reduction in emissions of up to 80% and fuel costs of up to 40%, CombiFuel® will be the ideal investment for fleets and commercial vehicles in the future.

CombiFuel® is certified according to the strictest UN ECE standards. Homo­loga­tion for road traffic is always based on one engine family. This means that CombiFuel® can be used with immediate approval on all vehicles with the appropriate engine, with or without individual approval. A range of different engines will already be available at the time of market entry. This will ensure a broad coverage of around 400 different vehicle types in the future.

The products (retrofit kit) are installed in stages as shown in the following graphic:


3 questions that will convince you of CombiFuel®:

Why is LPG (liquid petroleum gas) more environmentally friendly?

The process of combustion deserves the designation «environmentally friendly» because we help to avoid so-called greenhouse gases. What cannot be produced in the flame in the first place during combustion is not released into the environment. In principle, LPG liquid gas consists of the high-purity components propane and butane (mixing ratio varies greatly depending on season and country). Both gases have short carbon chains compared to diesel or petrol fuels. In combination with the additive added by CombiFuel®, these fuels burn almost residue-free. Post-cleaning in the classic sense is no longer necessary to the same extent because emissions such as CO, HC, NOX, particles or fine dust are almost completely avoided. The amount of CO2 produced is usually up to 40% less.

Why should you drive with LPG (liquid gas)?

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is available at up to 40,000 filling stations in Europe. So there is no need to worry about range or infrastructure. Refuelling is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. The process is similar to the normal refuelling with other fuels. The risks involved in using LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) are comparatively much lower than with natural gas or hydrogen propulsion systems. In these applications, enormous pressures of 200 or over 400 bar are used. In addition, certain cells have to be cooled at great expense. All this is not the case with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). The pressures range between 8-16 bar on average.

What makes CombiFuel® different from previous drive systems?

CombiFuel Swiss AG is dedicated to clean combustion and not to the post-cleaning of emissions. After 5 years of research, the CombiFuel® engineers have succeeded in achieving this goal. (How it all began) The results of many tests have shown that the vision of zero emissions now seems not too far away. Development continues relentlessly to improve the technology in the interests of the envi­ron­ment.


Key message

At CombiFuel Swiss AG, we have oriented ourselves to the needs of our target groups right from the start. Maximum compatibility, top performance, durable components and easy installation are our established core values in the de­velop­ment, production, distribution and installation of the system. Our entire value chain is designed to comply with the latest ISO standards. This way, we ensure an optimum, high-quality supply, in which every customer experiences the highest possible satisfaction with CombiFuel® in terms of processing, environmental friendliness and user-friendliness.