CombiFuel® is a newly developed alternative powertrain system that runs on LPG (autogas). It has been designed in such a way that it can theoretically be applied to almost any commercially available combustion engine, whether petrol or diesel powered.

The innovative technology has already been successfully installed in several vehicles and tested over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The system enables emission reductions of up to 95 % and reduced fuel costs by up to 50 %. The ground­breaking results in emission reduction and fuel cost savings are realized thanks to the application of an optimal fuel mix and the perfect interaction between engine and electronics components. CombiFuel® is a real and timely viable alternative in all vehicle segments.

The goal of CombiFuel® is to operate combustion engine without gasoline or diesel in the next 2 years. The technology is well prepared for the future, as alternative fuels such as (bio)LPG (Bio Liquified Petroleum Gas) and, in the future, (r)DME (Renewable Dimethyl Ether) will be used.

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In the future, CombiFuel® will be sold exclusively through selected partners, qualified workshops and brand representatives. Thanks to worldwide approval in the future, the unique advantages of CombiFuel® will soon be available to a very large customer base.


CombiFuel® in a nutshell

With CombiFuel®, new & existing vehicles (existing engines), passenger & commercial vehicles can be easily and permanently retrofitted to massively improved emission levels. Installation ex production plant (OEM) would also be possible. The application of our CombiFuel® system differs according to the respective engine concept.

For the gasoline engine, CombiFuel® is based on a monovalent approach (there is only one 15-liter gasoline tank), using an additive (oxyhydrogen)) and LPG (autogas).

The developments continue and CombiFuel, due to the next technological stage of de­ve­lop­ment, will be able to run gasoline engines (petrol engines) without gasoline, i.e. exclusively with fossil LPG (autogas), (bio) LPG and/or (r) DME (depending on the version of the system installed) in the near future.

In the case of diesel engines, CombiFuel® is initially based on a bivalent approach. This means that the engine uses two fuels and an additive for combustion. Specifically, these are LPG (autogas), diesel and the additive oxyhydrogen. Diesel engines (compression ignition, no spark plug) still require a certain diesel content to obtain a mixture that is ignitable under pressure. The aim is to reduce the proportion of diesel as far as possible, or to replace diesel completely. CombiFuel expects this to be the case within the next 2 years.

For the driver, there are no restrictions or compromises in daily use. The only thing to bear in mind is that a second tank for the liquid gas is used in the vehicle.

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CombiFuel® – The alternative powertrain technology

Here are just a few unique selling points:

  • A pressure sensor detects the liquid gas mixing ratio e.g. (propane/butane); unique in the world!
  • The CFS control unit is OBD-capable and works adaptively
  • Plug and Play system, due to the self-developed wiring harness and component holder
  • Oxyhydrogen Generator (HHO)
  • Evaporator / pressure regulator TYPE 1 can be used up to an engine power of 750 hp
  • And much more …


CombiFuel® is certified according to the strictest standards under UN ECE guidelines. Homologation for road traffic is in each case based on one engine family. As a result, our CombiFuel® retrofit solution can be used on all vehicles with the corresponding engine, without the need for individual approval.

Enormous advantages

  • Significant improvement in terms of achieving the defined climate targets
  • Enormous savings in the area of CO2 penalty taxes
  • Minimized risk for possible driving bans

  • Massive increase in efficiency and competitiveness
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Vehicle and manufacturer independent
  • Realization in standardized OEM quality possible
  • Plug & Play

  • Over 6ˈ300 service stations in Germany
  • Ca. 32ˈ000 in Europe
  • In the future, CombiFuel Swiss AG will work with partners such as Vitogaz AG to expand (bio)LPG filling stations in Switzerland.

  • (r)DME is approved as a fuel in the USA and is already available for commercial test vehicles at selected locations with filling stations. In the EU, the approval phase for (r)DME as a recognized fuel is still underway. For example, the first filling station was put into operation in Germany in summer 2021, as a cooperation project between Ford Europe / SHV Energy / Primagas for research purposes. We estimate that this is just the beginning. A site expansion will certainly follow in the next few years. In the future, CombiFuel Swiss AG will work with partners such as Vitogaz AG to expand (r)DME filling stations in Switzerland.

  • Easy integration into leasing models
  • No conversions required for the end user, no noticeable differences to the series production powertrain

  • Penalty taxes
  • Highway tolls (Example Switzerland: LSVA – performance-based heavy vehicle fee)
  • Vehicle taxes
  • Vehicle insurance premiums

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3 questions that will convince you of CombiFuel®

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is available at up to 32,000 filling stations in Europe. So there is no need to worry about range or infrastructure. Refuelling is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. The process is similar to the normal refuelling with other fuels. The risks involved in using LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) are comparatively much lower than with natural gas or hydrogen propulsion systems. In these applications, enormous pressures of 200 or over 400 bar are used. In addition, certain cells have to be cooled at great expense. All this is not the case with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). The pressures range between 8-16 bar on average.

CombiFuel Swiss AG is dedicated to clean combustion and not to the post-cleaning of emissions. After 5 years of research, the CombiFuel® engineers have succeeded in achieving this goal. (How it all began) The results of many tests have shown that the vision of zero emissions now seems not too far away. Development continues relentlessly to improve the technology in the interests of the envi­ron­ment.


Key message

At CombiFuel Swiss AG, we have oriented ourselves to the needs of our target groups right from the start. Maximum compatibility, top performance, durable components and easy installation are our established core values in the development, production, distribution and installation of the system. Our entire value chain is designed to comply with the latest ISO standards. This way, we ensure an optimum, high-quality supply, in which every customer experiences the highest possible satisfaction with CombiFuel® in terms of processing, environmental friendliness and user-friendliness.