The distribution of CombiFuel® is carried out exclusively via CombiFuel® Stores. For this purpose, we have created an extremely attractive partner concept, which is both lucrative and interesting in terms of the technical requirements as well as financially for every established workshop operation.

Requirements profile for a CombiFuel® installation partner:

Outdoor Identification (Flags, Illuminated Panel, Vehicle signage)

Interior Identification (Beachflags, Roll-Ups, Illuminated panels)

We support you with our marketing concept in the areas of advertising, online presence, events and much more. (Personalised flyers and Flyer Dispenser)

Advertising material & Give-aways (Business cards, Notebooks, Beermats, Ballpoint pens, Parking discs)

Would you like to become a CombiFuel® Partner?
For further details and how to become a CombiFuel® partner, we will be happy to send you the partner brochure by e-mail after your online registration.

Are you interested in becoming a CombiFuel® Partner?
Apply online and fill out our application form.
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The green Deal. Looking forward to a successful cooperation!