Why you should choose our CombiFuel®-retrofit solution:

With CombiFuel® technology, you take an important step toward ecological and economical driving. CombiFuel® technology massively reduces emissions and cuts fuel costs by up to 50% thanks to efficient combustion of LPG. Depending on the area of application and number of kilometers driven, the benefits multiply and ensure a very short payback period for the customer.

Are you ready for the CombiFuel® technology as your alternative propulsion system?
Your vehicle definitely will be!


The 5 most important main features briefly explained:

Compared to diesel and petrol, LPG is far less expensive. Depending on the country, price differences of up to 50% are given. In addition, LPG is given preferential tax treatment in most countries of the world due to its ecological advantages. With constant fuel consumption according to the WLTP test at independent approval institutes with the CombiFuel® technology, this results in a significant cost saving of up to 50% per kilometer driven.

Depending on the vehicle, engine, consumption and kilometers driven, the CombiFuel® system will amortize in a relatively short time. E.g.: With a Dodge Durango 5.7 V8 HEMI the amortization is already reached from 40'000 km.

Depending on the engine and fuel combination, emission type and exhaust standard, the existing CO2 values can be reduced by up to 30%. This also results in significant reductions in operating costs, for example reduced penalty taxes for new registrations, as well as lower vehicle taxes and/or performance-related heavy vehicle fees (LSVA) for trucks in Switzerland, which are usually dependent on the CO2 values produced.

The tests at the independent approval institutes confirm the full preservation of engine performance with LPG compared to gasoline during the WLTP test. This ensures that the CombiFuel® system functions 100% without restriction in trailer operation and under full load, and also secures the ecological and economic benefits in full-load operation.


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