Since CombiFuel® can be used in almost every combustion engine, the possible range of applications and associated market potential is given in many areas.

Although many states are currently announcing the elimination of combustion engines from 2040 or earlier, no solutions are presented that contribute to improve the situation NOW and SUSTAINABLY.

An improvement of the life cycle assessment as well as the economic efficiency without restricting the application possibilities. This is the declared desired scenario, which is currently unable to be fulfilled by any alternative drive. For the time being no mass suitable solution is given that is able to fulfill user needs in relation to range, infrastructure, loading and recycling.

CombiFuel® with its universal range of applications, provides the answer to the drive problem of the future and this with an existing infrastructure and manageable costs.

Since CombiFuel® can be applied on used cars, investments made can be protected even in the case of impending driving bans.

CombiFuel Swiss AG will initially concentrate its market activities on diesel vehicles. Especially on fleet and light commercial vehicles (LCV). Afterwards, CombiFuel® solutions for petrol engines will be available and further segments such as trucks or buses will be developed.

CombiFuel® is certified according to the strictest standards under UN ECE guidelines. Homologation for road traffic is based on an engine family. As a result, CombiFuel® can be used with immediate effect for all vehicles with the corresponding engine, without individual approval.

A range of 15-20 engine families will be available for market entry. This ensures a wide coverage of around 400 different vehicle types.